Herbal Business and Holistic Dental Care

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by Rupam Henry

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we’re talking about oral hygiene and health. What is holistic dentistry? Learn about Rupam Henry and her holistic health and dental business as well as herbs for teeth health.

Rupam Henry comes from an ancient lineage of medicine makers, alchemists, and herbalists reaching back 13 generations in Germany. She combines her expertise as an herbalist and holistic health educator with her professional experience of over 20 years as an RDA in General and Pediatric Dentistry.

Her expertise is to shine a light on the interconnectedness between the mouth and the rest of the body/mind/spirit, making oral health truly a diagnostic tool. Her focus is on prevention. Rupam provides her clients with personalized home care protocols as they journey through the, often overwhelming, world of dental materials and procedures.

At a young age, Rupam travelled to India, where she lived for five years in an international ashram, learning meditation and eastern approaches to the inner world. Rupam is also an ordained minister through The Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County.

Her passion is to sit with fellow journeyers of all walks in a space of presence, investigating together anything that touches the heart and spirit. Her mission is to support people on their path back to their innate balance and health. She listens for any underlying disturbance and supports clients to work effectively towards their own wellbeing. Tools include herbal remedies, diet, education, and processes facilitating inner work.

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  • Updated on Feb 8, 2022
  • Originally Published on Feb 3, 2022
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