Hunting For A Connection with Miles Olson

By Staff

Hunting For A Connection with Miles Olson

Bryan Welch, publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, visits with philosopher, hunter and author of Unlearn, Rewild Miles Olson. Miles has a different perspective on life and death than the average person due to his experience of solitude in nature, his view on the process of hunting and his desire to live a lifestyle that is sustainable and non-destructive.

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Miles believes that the idea of hunting and compassion are a kind of paradox and explains “how present you are with your awareness and how open you are with your heart is completely up to the individual and that shapes the [hunting] experience,” he says, “The more you understand it, the cleaner the shot, the more you can use of its body and that’s all the way of honoring it.”

Knowing that many desire the connection to something that’s beautiful and amazing, which is the living world, Miles encourages others to break down the artificial barrier between the self and the universe.

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