Investing in 'Slow Money' with Woody Tasch

Inspiring leader in investing and author of Slow Money, Woody Tasch sits down with publisher Bryan Welch, at the 2013 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Lawrence, Kan., to discuss the new application of an old-fashioned, rational idea to modern investing.

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Woody is a pioneer in the movement to create new financial ways of supporting local agriculture by connecting various categories of small food entrepreneurs with various categories of investors with the simple principle of investing in things that you understand near where you live. Coining the term “Earthworm Angel Investors,” he strives to reject the theory of making as much money as quickly as possible in order to feed the pump of economic growth.

“This is about helping people connect directly to one another and doing business together with as little as intermediation as possible,” Woody says, “creating a dramatic ripple effect,” as each local business supported through ‘Slow Money’ supplies and supports many more businesses beyond themselves.

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