Striving for Sustainable Living with Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley, Jr., special guest speaker at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and environmentalist for 43 years, sits down with Bryan Welch, publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, to discuss their shared enthusiasm and inspiration for conservation and sustainable living and their excitement to provide resources on these issues.

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“I stayed with it because it worked, it was something I could see results from, not just in an environmental sense but also in a financial sense,” Ed mentions as he happily shares the “green” aspects of his new home including passive solar house design and a 10,000 gallon, underground, rainwater tank, “It’s a good way to live in every sense.” He also discusses his new online television series titled, “On Begley Street” and the motivation behind his well-known book, Living Like Ed.

Grab a pen and pad to jot down a few valuable notes and enjoy the ride into the mind of Ed Begley, Jr, who advocates for the belief that “If you have a healthy environment, you’ll have a healthy economy.”

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