MOTHER EARTH NEWS: February/March 2013

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Simple Living: How to Save Money and Smile More
Are you drawn to the idea of simple living, but aren’t sure where to start? Three families share the changes they’ve made that have allowed them to live with less cash income but greater security and satisfaction.


Sweet Sorghum Revival: How to Grow Your Own Natural Sweetener
Allergic to bees and don’t have sugar maple trees, but still want to produce your own sweeteners? Try sweet sorghum syrup, a natural sugar substitute that can grow in most U.S. gardens.

Artisan Home Distilling
Use a small pot still to make eau de vie (brandy) from your fruit harvests to capture the exceptional, sumptuous flavors and aromas of ripe fruit.

Native American Gardening: The Three Sisters and More
Connect to an ancient heritage by growing these rare varieties of corn, beans and squash traced back to Native American gardens.

How to Build a Workbench
Our DIY workbench plans guide you through crafting a sturdy structure — customized to your height — for woodworking or gardening projects.

When to Choose Wood Heat
For some households, heating with wood is a sustainable, financially smart option. Learn about the benefits and costs of using a woodstove to heat your home.


Food Self-Sufficiency: Grow for All Seasons
Start Your Fruit Garden
DIY Solar Water Distiller
Eat More Vegetables: Easy Vegetarian Recipes
Success With Succession Planting

News From MOTHER
How YOU Can Shape MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine

Reader letters about killer compost, broody hens, setting out to farm, the beyond-monetary riches of a garden, pollution from nuclear weapons, genetically modified foods, composting meat and fat, and more.

Green Gazette
Killer Compost Update: Herbicide Damage Still a Major Problem
Big Ag Defeats GMO-Labeling Proposition
The Midget White Turkey: A Great Heritage Turkey Breed for Any Homestead

Real Food
Sorrel: The Zingiest Garden Green
Sorrel Soup Recipe (Schav)
Local Tabbouleh Recipe
Sorrel Purée or Sorrel Sauce Recipe
Sorrel-Strawberry Sorbet Recipe
Drying Herbs: Easier Than You Think

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing the Stevia Plant
Learn how to grow this all-natural, no-calorie sugar substitute and how to use it to sweeten everything from teas to syrups to muffins.

Garden Know-How
Make Easy, Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouses With Low Tunnels
Fashion simple hoops and row covers into a homemade selection of season-stretching gear that will also provide safe, effective pest control in your garden.

Beautiful and Abundant
Sheep Breeding: Localize Your Livestock
Developing a flock or herd that’s perfect for your place requires patience, persistence and an appreciation of the mysterious workings of nature.

Ask Our Experts
Hybrid Seeds vs. GMOs
Kitchen Composting
DIY Solar Power System
How to Protect Fruit Trees From Frost

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer
Clean Pans With Baking Soda
Save Your Kitchen Water
Cook With Prickly Pear Cactus Pads
Simple Tin Can Stove
DIY Garden Workstation With Sink
Start a Seed Co-op
Hula Hooping for Healthy Exercise
Make Planters From Plastic Culvert Pipe
DIY Matches
Versatile Net Produce Bags
Edible Wild Foods: Lamb’s-Quarters Recipe
Birdseed Storage Container
Garter Snakes Control Slugs

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