Save Your Kitchen Water

Be water wise by conserving used kitchen water.

| February/March 2013

Water conservation is a top priority on many homesteads. One way to save all you can is to keep a large pitcher near the sink.

Use it to collect ice cubes, leftover water in glasses and water from cooking foods such as pasta, potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. You’ll be amazed at how much kitchen water accumulates throughout the day.

After the pitcher is full, the water can be used for potted plants or in your garden — saving the tap water for when it’s truly needed.

Jennifer Schwabauer 
Moorpark, California  

6/10/2014 4:07:00 AM

I have one more system to save water: I keep a small bucket under the faucet of my bathroom sink/basin, and whenever I wash my hands, I collect the water and use it to flush the toilet. So I need very little extra water to be flushed down the toilet. Also, my mother collects the laundry water from her washing machine to clean the house with. I use the water I cleaned house with also to flush the toilet. This costs a lot less than installing a system for recycling water and can be done by anyone. We do not have much rain, so collecting rain water does not help much in the summer, and in the winter we don't need it.

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