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Garden Know-How: How to Start a Vegetable Garden
Use these labor-saving methods to transform any space into productive garden beds.


Breed Better Heritage Flocks
Many commercial hatcheries focus only on hybrid chickens and fail to maintain good quality in the heritage breeds they offer. Here’s why and how dedicated “flocksters” can take breeding back under their wings.

Heritage Breeds: Why They’re Important
Traditional animal breeds benefit both homesteaders and consumers with their hardiness, adaptability, flavorful meat and genetic diversity.

3 Rare Root Crops You Should Be Growing
Experience the unique flavors of crosnes, salsify and skirret by adding these unsung, underground treasures to your vegetable garden.

Grow Backyard Strawberries: Varieties for Every Region
These simple-to-grow berries give gardeners a big return for a small investment.

Make Your Own Nontoxic Laundry Soap
When you’re the soap-maker, you’ll no longer have to guess about the mysterious chemicals in your wash.

5 Delicious Wild Greens
Give up the war on “weeds” and embrace the fortifying vegetables right outside your door.

Grow and Make Your Own Simple Medicines
Tend a medicinal herb garden for ready access to a multitude of safe, healing remedies.

Looking Sharp: Build Your Own Utility Knife
To customize your own knife, order blade banks online, and round up some spare wood for the handle.

6 Solar Energy Myths Debunked
Brush up on these key facts to get energized about the advantages of home solar power.


News from MOTHER
The Wisdom of Eating Pastured Meat

Dear MOTHER: February/March 2016
Reader letters about inspiring homesteaders, the benefits of advertisements, uses for organic tobacco, introducing children to meat processing, the dangers of borax, pesticide drift, newsletters, and more.

Green Gazette
The Status of Genetically Modified Salmon
Corruption in Science: Vested Interests in Food and Agricultural Research
Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance Offers Seed School
Farm Storage Facility Loans, Now with More Options

The Gardener’s Table: Parsnips and Sorrel
Growing and Cooking with Parsnips and Sorrel
Creamy Parsnip Soup with Sorrel Recipe
Lettuce and Sorrel Salad Recipe with Parsnip Croutons
Homemade Parsnip Pancakes Recipe

Ask Our Experts

The Pitchfork Pulpit: Earthworms, Builders of Soil
Cultivate a copious crop of earthworms for soil health, farm productivity and planetary well-being.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Learn How to Build a Goat Shelter
Grow Food for Chickens in Your Own Backyard
Try Growing Peppers Indoors as Decorative Houseplants
How to Remove a Nail That’s Troublesome
Safe and Effective Glass Stove Top Cleaner
Keep Your Chickens’ Roost Clean with a Shower Pan Liner
How to Make Fruit Vinegar
Sturdy, Wooden Laundry Baskets Last for Years
Protect Tomatoes by Using Nylon Maggot Barriers
Save Money with a DIY Soaker Hose
Make a Feed Scoop from a Tin Can
Homemade Fertilizer from Vegetable Scraps
Easy-to-Make, Frozen Applesauce Cubes
Monitor Sugar Water Levels in Your Hummingbird Feeder
How to Protect Chickens from Predatory Animals

Earth Words
“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
—Caroline Thompson