Keep Your Chickens’ Roost Clean with a Shower Pan Liner

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Photo by Michael Lincoln
Work smarter not harder with these handy tips for chicken keepers.

Our chickens like to lay their eggs in the farthest, hardest-to-reach corners of their coop. We found that using a grabber tool, which sells for about $15 from health-care-supply companies, is useful for reaching and retrieving the faraway eggs.

We also installed a “poop sling” under the chickens’ roost. The poop sling is made from a shower pan liner — a heavy-duty industrial plastic that’s sold by building-supply and plumbing-supply stores. The handy sling catches the manure and makes cleaning the coop much faster and easier. I scoop the manure out of the sling every morning and add it to my compost heap.

Michael Lincoln
Harwich, Massachusetts