Five Green Driving Tips That Will Save Money and Gas

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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With these five tips from the Car Care Council you can “green your routine” and help the environment. Presented in honor of Earth Day, these tips can save you gas and money every day of the year! 

  1. Drive Green: How you drive directly correlates with your fuel economy. Aggressive driving decreases your mpg, and harms your vehicle. So avoid quick starts and stops, go the speed limit, and try to take fewer trips in the first place. For more driving tips read Every Gallon Counts: Save Gas With Hypermiling.
  2. Get a Tune-Up: Regular maintenance and tune-ups help your care perform better and pollute less. Just by changing the air filter, your car’s efficiency will improve by 10 percent.
  3. Lighten the Load: Only keep emergency items in your car, such as the spare tire and first-aid kit. Any extra pounds will weigh down your vehicle and ultimately use more gas –and money — to move it down the road.
  4. Tire Checks: If every American car had properly inflated tires, the Car Care Council says we could save around two billion gallons of gas each year. To make sure your tires are at an optimal air pressure level, check the tire pressure listed for your car in the driver’s manual or on the inside of the driver’s door.
  5. Gas Caps and Fill-Ups:  Go check your gas cap. Each year, 147 million gallons of gas vaporize because of loose, damaged or missing gas caps. Avoid topping off your tank when you fill up to prevent the release of harmful vapors into the environment.

To see if your car is saving gas and helping the environment, make sure you track your gas mileage. Learn How to Calculate Gas Mileage, or just check to make sure you are doing it right. For more ways to green your car and driving, visit the Car Care Guide or our Green Transportation page.

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