Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

5 Sustainable Shipping Solutions in Development Now

By Kayla Matthews

These innovative shipping solutions could help minimize the industry's environmental impact.

The Next Level of Carpooling

By Haden Kirkpatrick, Esurance

The trend toward fleet-owned, self-driving cars can be a boon for your wallet and a win for the environment — and our wellbeing. On top of saving time, fuel, insurance premiums and high blood pressure (fewer cars means less traffic), here are some of the ways the future of ride-hailing can help shrink our eco-footprint.

Benefits of Electric-Run School Buses

Environment America

Learn how replacing the 480,000 school buses in America with electric-run buses could save millions of tons of pollution annually.

New York City Bans Cars in Central Park


Starting this summer, New York City will be banning private automobiles from entering Central Park, one of the most famous landmarks of the city.


Will Self-Driving Cars Be Green? Exploring the Environmental Impacts

By Haden Kirkpatrick, Esurance

Semi-autonomous and self-driving vehicles give us a taste of what will come in the future. But while these innovations bring with them substantial safety improvements, how much impact will they have on the amount of energy consumed by cars?

Phase 2 and Solarrolla

By Brett Belan, Apparent Energy

I will discuss the plans to finish up phase 2 on the solar electric vw bus and introduce you to the latest project, a solar powered scooter.

How to Advocate for Progressive Bike Policy and Infrastructure in Your Community

By Maggie Tiede

The push for bike-friendly policy and infrastructure is growing worldwide, and your community may be able to benefit from these community organizing and advocacy strategies: starting a bicycling league, conducting community research, and letter-writing campaigns.

The Surprising Future of Bicycling: 12 Reasons Why Its Popularity Will Continue to Soar

By Jay Walljasper

Slowly but surely, more U.S. communities are realizing that the future of mobility is bigger than cars. Biking is seen as an attractive, cost effective, healthy and convenient way to get around and is growing in popularity all over the country.