Save Money With Recycled Paint Products

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You can help the environment and save money with recycled paint products.

Learn how you can save money with recycled paint products.

Recycled Paint

Most of us already know about local paint and household-chemical collection days, and use these environmentally responsible “excuses” to clean out our basement or garage. But did you know that you can take further advantage of these programs (and usually save bundles of cash) by buying repackaged, recycled paint?

There are two types of recycled paint products: reblended and reprocessed. Reblended paint is 100 percent post-consumer content; it contains no new resins or colorants. Originally available only in beige or brown, improved matching systems now offer a wider spectrum of colors. Although paints are screened and remixed, you’re never entirely sure what types of paints have gone into the mix. Consequently, reblended paints can’t be tested for wear or longevity, but they’re perfect if you have a lot of area to cover, whether you’re slapping paint on a barn or whitewashing graffiti off a fence.

Reprocessed paint is mixed with new resins and colorants to create a product that performs about as well as new paint. When shopping for reprocessed paint, check the label to be sure that you’re doing a green deed: Reprocessed paints can contain up to 80 percent new material.

The downside to choosing recycled paint is that you’ll be using the older, higher-VOC stuff. But you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that you’re doing the planet a favor by saving resources and landfill space.

For more information about recycled-content paints, contact your local recycling center, or visit the EPAs website at