Seasonal Recipes for April Wanted

Reader Contribution by Staff

No matter how you slice and dice it, and regardless of culinary expertise, the best meals begin with the best ingredients. And when it comes to fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t get any better than FRESH FRESH FRESH. Fresh food in season is more likely than non-seasonal food to have been picked close to the time of purchase, which means it’ll be at its nutritional peak when you buy it, not to mention costing a lot less.

We’d love for you to share your recipes and ideas for using produce at its peak. Depending on where you live, the top in-season foods right now may vary a little, but most of us can now find some fresh goodies at newly opening farmers markets. What seasonal foods are you serving up right now? Got any great tips? Superb recipes? Post them in the comments section below to share them with our readers. Bon appetit!