Tap the Culinary Wisdom of Our Ancestors: Whole Grain Millet Recipes

Whole grain millet recipes add variety and nutrition to your diet. Before rice and wheat conquered our food system, this lesser known whole grain was grown in part because it was hardy, fast-growing, needed little water or care, and was incredibly nutritious.

| December 2008/January 2009

Cinnamon Apple Bars with Millet Crust Recipe. "Craving apple pie? A crunchy crust and cinnamon-y topping fill the bill in a snap!"

Cinnamon Apple Bars with Millet Crust Recipe. "Craving apple pie? A crunchy crust and cinnamon-y topping fill the bill in a snap!"

Photo by Robin Asbell

These whole grain millet recipes are nutritious and delicious. A popular whole grain in ancient civilizations, today we can learn to appreciate millet anew for its fabulous flavor and nutrition.

Whole Grain Millet in Meals

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Cinnamon Apple Bars With Millet Crust Recipe
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Sunshine Millet Porridge With Apricots and Carrots Recipe

Whole Grain Millet Recipes

Imagine you’ve just ordered your favorite dish at a Chinese restaurant. When your stir-fry arrives, it is served over a steaming, fragrant yellow grain, with no rice or noodles in sight. If rice and wheat hadn’t conquered the world, all of us would probably still be eating this tiny, tasty grain.

In fact, several lesser-known grains played important roles in ancient civilizations, in part because they were hardy, fast-growing, needed little water or care, and were incredibly nutritious.

Millet, the tiny yellow grain we usually reserve for birdseed, was once the primary grain of northern China. Recent research found evidence of its cultivation in China’s Yellow River Basin in 6,000 B.C. and suggests that several thousand years of substantial political and scientific development was made possible by its cultivation. Millet also was cultivated all over northern Europe, west Africa and India, and is still part of the healthy diet of the Hunza tribe, whose members live famously long lives in the Himalayas.

There are thousands of varieties of millet, though only a few in North America (unless you count crabgrass, a wild relative). Millet’s extra bonus, which was discovered by the Romans, is that it can be stored for several years if left in the seed cone.

9/20/2013 4:24:04 PM

I was so excited by the subject line of gluten free millet. Then in two of the recipes, it states to put in flour!! Talk about a let down.

9/9/2013 9:40:51 AM

Unfortunately, regardless of how it's prepared millet is not good for the thyroid. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/beware-of-millet/

12/6/2008 12:14:32 AM

Might Millet seed be put on top of a loaf of baked bread? Maybe along with others such as sesame, poppy, etc.......?

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