The Great Scape-Sourdough Boule Recipe

| 4/9/2018 10:24:00 AM

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 Great Scape Sourdough Boule

For several years when my garden lay fallow, I let my garlic go. As a result it slowly proliferated, invading the edges of the veggie beds. Over the past couple of years, I’ve prioritized regaining control. One of the ways I’ve worked at this is to cut off the scape (the curly top that develops into the seed) before it matures and drops seeds back to the ground.

One year I fermented some of the scape. While our youngest son loved cooking with the result, I wasn’t so enamored. Last year rather than composting the abundance of scape, I researched and found a recipe for pesto. I decided to try it and ended up with a lot of scape pesto in my freezer. Because it is best after a few months of mellowing, I waited until winter to try some of my bounty.

I decided to try incorporating it into my sourdough bread. I’ve been making some version of the recipe below for over 20 years. I knew it could handle the scape. Since making that first boule a few months ago, this new version has become a weekly favorite. I heartily recommend creating pesto from your garlic scape for use this fall and winter!

My own method is simple. I harvest the scape, rinse it off, then chop it with my food processor until it resembles quinoa grains in size. I scoop the pesto into regular-sized muffin tins and place them in the freezer. When frozen solid (several hours later), I move the “muffins” into Ziploc bags and back into the freezer they go. Whenever I want to use one for either bread or a meal, I simply take it out and let it defrost.

Great Scape Sourdough Boule

Yield one loaf.

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