New Year's Menu

A brief history of how people have marked the passage of time and celebrated new years, with a suggested New Year's menu designed to please all of your guests.

| January/February 1989

New Year's menu - table filled with food

A New Year's menu designed to please (almost) everyone.


Even the most well-bred person may be subject to a fit of bad behavior at holiday parties.

One may suffer from an overdose, not necessarily of alcohol, but of frankness, cuddliness, reminiscences or other enemies of the social structure."

- Miss Manners

Any celebration of New Year’s Day attracts a mixed crowd.

With another year irretrievably gone, some guests are sunk in a wholly satisfying depression. They've just inventoried the past 12 months and found opportunities lost, things undone: roads untraveled, pounds unshed, books unwritten, children unreformed. Ten minutes along these lines, and they're ready for strong drink and chocolate.

A second faction is in the spine-stiffening grip of New Year's resolutions. No more smoking, drinking, feasting, debauching. This year they're going to get it right: Spartan self-denial, meteoric accomplishment, impeccable nutrition. And they're starting now.

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