How to Make Cajeta

| 3/19/2014 10:29:00 AM

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What’s not to love about a creamy-dreamy caramel sauce with the subtle essences of vanilla and cinnamon and the distinctive tang of goat’s milk?

My husband had been carrying sweet memories of cajeta with him since he spent a semester in Mexico as an undergrad. Every time we’d simmer down milk or sweetened condensed milk to make banoffee pie or caramel filling for cupcakes, he’d reminisce about the caramel of his college days and urge me to swap in goat’s milk next time.

When I learned that goat’s milk was gentler on my lactose-hating gut, I knew I had to give the man’s request a shot.

Called dulce de leche (and generally made from cow’s milk) in other parts of Latin America, Mexico’s milk-caramel is often a bit more on the runny side (think sauce or dip rather than pie filling) and is typically made from all or at least some goat’s milk (though an all-cow’s milk approach is acceptable as well).

4/1/2014 12:32:39 PM

Wow! This is coffee creamer! I mean almost exactly like what I make for my coffee. It stores really well in old creamer containers in the fridge even. I add drops of flavoring and give this to friends for birthdays and holidays and such. I will have to try it with actual spices cooked in. I think I will stay with extracts and essential oils for flavoring too. But I just never even considered putting cinnamon sticks in and I have never even seen a real vanilla bean. LOL I have plenty of goat milk. I usually end up feeding it to the dogs and cats.

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