How to Cook Corn in a Cooler

Reader Contribution by Ann Katelyn

What is cooler corn? Well, it’s corn that’s been cooked in a cob inside of a cooler! Making corn in a cooler is an excellent way to serve a large crowd where any other size of pot would just not be enough. Through this ingenious method, you can cook a lot of corn at once even if you don’t know how much you would need to cook for the crowd.

This is one of those genius ideas that people are hesitant to try for the first time, but once they have done it, they go all like “Wow! Why didn’t I do that before?” And all you need is a regular size cooler; you know the kinds you take on your camping trips to keep the beer cool or in sporting events.


Who Discovered This Genius Method?

While we don’t know who exactly thought of this idea first, the word is that a handful of camping sites first mentioned this way on their blogs. This probably proves the first person who cooked corn inside of a cooler, did so out of lack of resources.

But don’t worry — you don’t have to love camping to make corn. All you need is the best cooler you’ve got and a whole bunch of maize to feed the hungry crowd.

Materials and Directions

One of the very reasons this corn cooking method got so popular in recent times is that it doesn’t require any extra tools. All you need is a bucket load of corn, a cooler container, and boiling water to pour inside of the container along with the corn. Yes! It is that simple, and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to get soft and yummy corn that is ready to serve.

Cooking corn in a cooler has to be one of the greatest discoveries, because the regular cooking method involving a hot stove with multiple pans boiling is too time-consuming. To make your own corn preparation that looks and tastes beautiful, follow these simple steps:

1. Properly clean, remove husks and silk from the corn

2. Boil a couple of water kettles depending on the amount of corn you plan to cook

3. Give the ice chest or cooler a thorough wash so that it’s completely free of dirt and other germs

4. Spread out the corn evenly at the bottom of the cooler

5. Pour the boiling water from the kettle into the cooler and then close it with the lid

6. Wait for 30 minutes or so before removing the lid, and you’re all done!

Serve normally or with butter and flavored salts for the best taste. If making the perfect corn was that easy all along, we are sure that people would have eaten a lot more corn all these years.


Get Cooking Now!

Cooking corn in a cooler is not just an effective way to make this preparation for a large crowd, but also to impress people along the way. Just be careful while choosing a cooler as the wrong size may produce undesirable results. Be ready to face numerous questions when you pull out the cooler because guests who haven’t heard about this method are bound to give you looks of astonishment.

Be ready for conversations, happy faces, and compliments about your exceptional culinary skills once you serve this dish hot. Or better yet, let your guests use tongs and to grab their own.

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