Herb Garden Cafe Healthy Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

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Paul Corpening and Deborah Dunn were the owners of the Herb Garden Cafe in Hendersonville, N.C., where, with the help of assistant Lynda Flanagan (left), they created delicious, healthy vegetarian sandwich recipes.

The Herb Garden Cafe shares four of their healthy vegetarian sandwich recipes with readers, includes recipes for peanut butter, tofu and vegetable sandwiches.

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The Herb Garden Healthy Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Hendersonville, N.C. (MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ former home base) may be a quiet little settlement (in fact — most nights — you can hear a pine needle drop after 10 p.m.), but it’s blessed with two excellent natural food restaurants, which is more than most small mountain towns (and some real cities) can boast!

We’ve already told you about The Merry Miller and shared some of Leona Farquhar’s recipes with you and now we’d like to introduce you to Paul Corpening and Deborah Dunn; owners and operators of The Herb Garden Cafe and inventors of some wonderful vegetarian sandwich recipes.

Paul and Deborah opened their place (which does indeed look like an indoor herb garden) on a shoestring, and have only recently been able to hire their first paid helper (Lynda Flanagan). But being short of hands hasn’t prevented the young entrepreneurs from dishing up consistently delectable fare, which brings us to the real subject of this article! Along with many other good foods, the cafe serves vegetarian sandwiches made (for the most part) of perfectly ordinary, everyday ingredients, yet somehow those plump meals-in-themselves always turn out to be extraordinarily tasty.

The secret, say Deborah and Paul, is in the freshness and wholesomeness of their vegetarian sandwich “fixings” and in the wonderful breads in which those fixings are nestled. The Herb Garden Cafe, you see, gets its whole grain loaves right out of the oven, from a local husband-and-wife-team small home bakery called Our Daily Bread.

And that team, Richard and Marilyn Colgan, not only turn out — unassisted — many varieties of warm, crusty bread each week (varieties like Black Russian, Sourdough Rye, Swedish Limpa Rye, Herb and Onion, Sprouted Wheat, and Yogurt Wheat Germ), but they also produce and sell large batches of creamy, delicate tofu.

Now, you may not have such a good source of bread and soybean curd at your fingertips (unless you make your own), but you can still put together superlative sandwiches like the ones mentioned here if you faithfully follow Paul and Deborah’s vegetarian sandwich recipes.

All but one of the vegetarian sandwiches recipes are spread with a special herb butter, and the originators of the butter stress that — in this recipe as in each of the others — fresh herbs make all the difference where flavor’s concerned and should be used whenever possible.

See the herb butter and vegetarian sandwich recipes at the top of this article.