Butternut Bisque Soup

| 1/21/2013 11:11:26 AM

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butternut squash soupWe’re in the coldest part of winter, and that means soup. In this case, it’s just about my favourite all around winter soup:  Butternut Bisque. Before we go any farther though, I have an admission:  No photo of the soup. We ate the soup before I realized, hey, I might need a photo of that! So you can picture in your minds, an orange, creamy soup with herbs and onions. I also promised you all an update on the alternate fudge recipe, which had marshmallows. Not being a fan of marshmallows (others here like them), I look for ways to use them. Don’t bother. The recipe was harder, especially in trying to get the marshmallows and chocolate to melt. It tasted fine, but had nothing on the recipe I gave you last time. Stick with the tried and true, as they say. But back to the soup. This recipe is wonderfully flexible, because you can swap out the butternut squash for pumpkin or any other orange squash, and the liquid can be broth, milk, or cream, depending on the texture and “body” of soup you’re after. In other words, you can have it your way. Hopefully some of you took my advice from my blog on growing pumpkins last spring, and grew a few, or grow them anyway. Also, any squash/pumpkins from farmer’s markets, etc., that you purchased, pureed and froze, are fine too. What you will need to start is about 2 cups of pumpkin/squash puree.  Here we go: 



1 butternut squash 

1 onion, chopped 

2-3 tablespoons butter 

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