Ep. 137 Poultry Fencing

Interview with Joe Putnam

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Jessica Mitchell chats with Joe Putnam about poultry fencing. Learn about different types of fencing to keep your poultry contained and safe.

Thank you to our sponsor for this episode: Brinsea, incubation specialists.

Joe  works as a marketing copywriter and occasional shepherd for Premier 1 Supplies. He frequently appears in Premier’s instructional how-to videos on YouTube. Putnam can be found at farm industry events, where his gentle, hands-on approach makes even the most complex farming topics simple. When not at work, Putnam spends time on his family’s 40-acre farmstead in southeast Iowa. There the family raises cattle, sheep, poultry, multiple gardens, corn, hay, and oats.

Additional Resources:

Connect with Premier 1 Supplies on their website and at 800-282-6631 to learn more about their livestock equipment and supplies.

Learn more about livestock protection through The Livestock Conservancy.

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Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell
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