Ep. 72 Hunting Turkeys

Jami McCabe and Matt Stephens discuss the hunting techniques used with turkeys and why turkeys may give you the most rewarding first hunting experience.

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, join avid hunters Jami McCabe and Matt Stephens to discuss the hunting techniques used with turkeys and why turkeys may give you the most rewarding first hunting experience.

Jami McCabe went to the first BOW program in Kansas as a participant, and has moved through the ranks.  She was a participant for 4 years, then helped teach archery for another 4 years, and has been the Coordinator ever since.  Her other job is as an LPN at a cardiology clinic.  Jami & her husband, Dick, have a large blended family of grandkids, kids, and in-laws, along with their assortment of 4-legged “kids” (dogs, cats, horses).  Jami and Dick enjoy turkey hunting together, and taking their hard-hunting Brittany out chasing birds.  When she’s not out hunting or with family, she can also be found riding her horses.

Matt Stephens was born into a part-time homesteading family. Growing up on a 65 acre central Texas hobby farm, Stephens learned from his parents and his rural Depression surviving grandparents. He developed a love for all things that lived and came from a farmstead lifestyle. Life took him across the state of Texas, only to deliver him back to the family farm.

Stephens expanded this familiar piece of land past a hobby and into a full time endeavor to include more than 300 acres, owned and leased. Now with a family of his own he looks to instill the same upbringing in his children and teach others from his experiences.

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