Ep. 112 Herbal Health

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we’re talking with some of our friends from the Mother Earth News Herbal Health Virtual Conference. They’re sharing with us about their herbal health practices, what herbal health means to them, and some advice for those who are interested in joining the herbal health community.

Guest 1: Amyrose Foll

Founder of Virginia Free Farm Amyrose Foll is a fervent advocate for food sovereignty, earth care, people care, and resource share. She works to live out the values of collectivism, and community in order to ensure those around her are fed. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army, a former nurse, and continues her duty to protect and care for others through the farm. Learn more about Amyrose’s work at Virginia Free Farm.

Guest 2: Bevin Cohen

Bevin Cohen is an author, herbalist, seed saver and owner of Small House Farm in Michigan. He offers workshops and lectures nationwide on the benefits of living closer to the land through seeds, herbs and locally-grown food. Bevin is a freelance writer and videographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications including Mother Earth News, Hobby Farms, Grit magazine, and the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company catalog. He is the author of Saving Our Seeds and The Artisan Herbalist. You can learn more about Bevin’s work at Small House Farm.

Guest 3: Maria Noël Groves

Registered clinical herbalist Maria Noël Groves runs Wintergreen Botanicals, an herbal clinic and education center nestled in the pine forests of Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. She is certified by Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, a registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and has also completed Rosemary Gladstar’s advanced training program and Lichenwood Herbals’ flower essence practitioner training. Her business is devoted to education and empowerment via classes, health consultations, and writing. She’s the author of Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care. Learn more about Maria’s work at Wintergreen Botanicals.

Guest 4: Wilnise Francois

Wilnise Francois is a Haitian Nurse, Community Herbalist, and teacher. As a community herbalist, she is working to revolutionize the cultural affinity of our plant friends from her traditional Haitian practices and reclaiming our relationships with the earth and stars. Her aim is to teach the very love our Land show us and implement that essence into our daily lives. Learn more about Wilnise’s work at Well Fed Apothecary.

Our Podcast Team: Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell
Music for this episode by “Poor Man’s Grove” by Mr. Smith

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