Ep. 66 Guineas as Guardians

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, learn how guineas can work as a unit to protect their barnyard flock members.

Cindy Gibson is president of Guinea Fowl International, an organization founded to support responsible guinea-keeping and to educate on the care and habits of guinea fowl. She first acquired guineas to help combat a grasshopper infestation on her Texas ranch, and now keeps more than 100 guinea fowl (along with her chickens, ducks, and grazing animals). She helps new guinea-keepers, and frequently speaks to groups about the why-and-how to incorporate guinea-keeping into a landscape or farm. In particular, she helps dispel some of the myths and misinformation that has led some to unsuccessful attempts at guinea-keeping.

Dana Manchester operates Shady Hollow Farm, a conservancy with a primary focus on guineafowl.  He has spent everyday for the last 14 years working with guineafowl to educate people about them, develop and understand their genetics, as well as preserve wild populations.  Working with people all over the world, a main focus of this is to promote accurate information on a global level.  With his daughters following close behind, he is leading the way in how we understand guineafowl in both the past and in modern times.

Additional Resources:

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Charlotte French, Haley Casey
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