Leathers and Furs: Preserving Animal Hides

Leathers and Furs: Preserving Animal Hides


In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and FRIENDS our guests and I will discuss Leathers and Furs: Preserving Animal Hides. In Part 1 we discuss keeping the fur-on process. In Part 2 we continue the conversation to discuss the fur-off method of preserving the hide.

Caleb Regan

Caleb Regan, Editor in Chief of Grit Magazine is a sports and outdoors enthusiast who has been researching to preserve his first hide this fall. Not only did he share his passion with us on this podcast, but he was also happy to be sending Grits guide to Guns, Knives, and More to print.

Charlotte Brunin

Charlotte at the Fair

Charlotte Brunin is the producer of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends Podcast and enjoys self-sufficient living. She was happy to be able to join this group of hunters to learn how to preserve a hide to better use the whole animal.

Dennis Biswell "the Griz" 

Biswell has been tanning skins for over twenty years.  He specializes in wild animal hides such as deer, coyote, bobcat, raccoon and beaver. However, the techniques he uses also work with domestic animals like goats and rabbits.

Dennis has been a part of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS team for 36 years and in 2015 he started sharing his expertise with our fair audience.  Dennis has had articles published in mother earth news and grit magazines.

Kellsey Trimble

Kellsey Trimble, Managing-Editor of Grit, considers herself a novice hunter and was eager to learn more about how she may put a whole animal to use and provide for herself and her family in a self-sufficient manner.

Here is the finished "Hair-on" hide on display in the Biswell home.


In this image you can see a side that has (bottom) and hasn't (top) been sanded.


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