Ep. 155 Raising Backyard Quail in the City

Interview with Kelly Bohling

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young quail fattening in cages on a quail farm

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Kelly Bohling joins us to discuss how to raise quail in urban and suburban spaces, including how to check local regulations and prepare your environment for your new flock. If you live in a city, town, or suburbs and want to raise a poultry flock of your own, keeping backyard may be right for you.

Kelly Bohling is a native of Lawrence, Kansas. She works as a classical violinist, but in between gigs and lessons, she’s out in the garden or spending time with her animals, including quail and French Angora rabbits. Kelly also spins the Angora fiber from her rabbits into yarn for knitting, which can be found on her website, Kelly Bohling Studios. She enjoys finding ways that her animals and garden can benefit each other for a more sustainable urban homestead.

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