Ep. 93 Caring for Quail

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by Kelly Bohling
In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we tackle quail–their personality, how to raise them, and all the enjoyments and challenges that come with this small but hardy fowl. Editor Jessica Mitchell chats remotely with Kelly Bohling, who has been raising quail in her backyard within Lawrence, Kansas city limits.

Kelly Bohling is a native of Lawrence, Kansas.  She works as a classical violinist, and in between gigs and lessons, she can be found in the garden or spending time with her animals, including quail and French Angora rabbits. Kelly also spins the Angora fiber from her rabbits into yarn, which can be found in her Etsy shop, Three Rabbit Yarns (link below). She enjoys finding ways her animals and garden can benefit each other for a more sustainable urban farm.

Links mentioned in Podcast:

Check out Brinsea and their leading incubation technology.

Follow Three Rabbit Yarns on their website, Etsy shop, and Instagram.

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Additional Resources:

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Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell

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