Do Fresh Eggs Need to be Refrigerated?

Care for farm-fresh eggs properly using these expert recommendations to ensure they stay disease-free and tasting fresh.

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I bought free-range eggs at a local farm, but I forgot to put them away when I got home. Do fresh eggs need to be refrigerated, and how long do eggs last in the fridge?

Yes, you can feel at ease about eating those eggs. One of the nice things about raising your own chickens (or getting eggs from a local source you trust) is knowing what they’re eating and what’s going into the eggs they lay. Another nice thing is knowing that your eggs are fresh, even if they’ve been at room temperature for a while.

The average egg in the grocery store can be up to 8 weeks old by the time you buy it. Hopefully none of your backyard eggs will hang around that long, but here are some tips to keeping your eggs fresh for as long as possible.

Do Farm Fresh Eggs Need to be Refrigerated?

  • Updated on Oct 13, 2022
  • Originally Published on Jul 19, 2016
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