Design Your Own Seed-Saving Course

Reader Contribution by Terroir Seeds

If you had a voice in developing a seed saving course, what would you want in it?

Have you done any seed saving, or are you interested in learning but are hesitant or intimidated by possibly making a mistake and not getting what you were expecting? Are there certain aspects of seed saving that you don’t understand and would like a better explanation of? Here’s the chance to give your input in a new seed saving class!

We are working on a 6 part seed saving class that will be offered online this fall. It is designed to be a comprehensive but still entry level course to give students a very good overview of the entire process of producing, harvesting and saving seeds with the next step being practical experience. It will be a six week course with a presentation and reading before the next week. After this course you will be able to plan, plant and harvest your garden seed with the confidence that you have a solid foundation of seed quality that will grow true next year with excellent vigor, germination and production in your garden.

Comprehensive But Understandable

Topics we will be covering will include – but not limited to – challenges and rewards of seed saving, definitions and botanical terms to get you started, lifespan of common garden seeds and what conditions are best for storage, logistics of planning your garden for the highest seed saving quality, pollination and fertilization techniques to promote better seed, isolation methods for home gardeners, population size requirements and how to overcome a home garden’s limitations, soil cultivation to improve seed quality, harvesting and processing techniques, storage and germination testing and why seed quality is important but too often missed or overlooked today.

The format will be online with a new module released each week and will be presented in a PowerPoint style format with video, slides, photos and articles to show you what you need. Resources will be shared on information, techniques and equipment that will help. Registration will open later this summer.

You Help Make it Great

The question for you good folks is what key components would you need in a course like this? Please be as specific as needed, or as general to get the overview in. If you’ve got specific challenges, questions or tips we would love to have them so we can incorporate them into the class. We’ve got the outline built, but your input will greatly help make it better – so please give us your thoughts, comments, suggestions and share with anyone you think could help! Please email us your suggestions and we will fit them into making this the best course on seed saving for a home gardener!

We are not taking registrations at this time, only gathering questions and needs to better structure the class. Stay tuned for details this summer. To be sure to be notified of developments, sign up for our Newsletter

Stephen Scott is an heirloom seedsman, educator, speaker, soil-building advocate, locavore, amateur chef, artist and co-owner of Terroir Seeds with his wife, Cindy. They believe in a world of healthy soil, seed, food and people. Everyone has a fundamental need for vibrant food and health, which are interrelated. They welcome dialogue and can be reached at or 888-878-5247.Visit theirwebsiteand signup for theirNewsletterfor more education like this!