Seed Saving Guide: How to Store Seeds

Bevin Cohen discusses the importance of seed saving, and how a beginner seed-saver can get started in saving their seeds.

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courtesy of Bevin Cohen

In Episode 115 of Mother Earth News and Friends, Bevin Cohen lays out a seed saving guide for you and explains how a beginner seed-saver can get started in not only saving seeds, but also understanding seeds’ connection with history and community.

Bevin Cohen is an author, herbalist, gardener, seed saver, educator, and owner of Small House Farm in Michigan. Cohen offers workshops and lectures across the country on the benefits of living closer to the land through seeds, herbs, and locally grown food, and he has published numerous works on these topics, including the bestselling Saving Our Seeds and his highly anticipated new book, The Artisan Herbalist (New Society ’21). He serves on the board of the International Herb Association and the advisory council for the Community Seed Network.

More on How to Store Seeds

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