The Many Uses of Ginger

Reader Contribution by Lindsey Bugbee
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The other day, I was feeling nauseous, so of course I went to my good friend Google for advice. I didn’t want to take medication for a stomachache, and all the natural health sites I browsed suggested that I try ingesting ginger. After I drank some all-natural ginger ale for my nausea, I was feeling much better, which I attributed to the ginger in the drink.

Whether you’re utilizing the root to aid digestion or add a kick to your cooking, ginger is an all-around good guy in the health world. Many natural health professionals suggest that it can be used to help arthritis, common colds, headaches and nausea. You can also take ginger before a road trip or flight as a natural remedy for motion sickness.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Editor-at-Large Robyn Griggs Lawrence recommends using ginger in a homemade herbal muscle rub. Adding ginger to a bay leaf and eucalyptus mixture may relieve sore muscles and tendons and aid relaxation.

Enjoy ginger in a variety of different ways! Whether you drink a ginger beverage, eat a dish with a strong ginger presence or rub ginger it into your skin, the root can help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Photo by Dionisvera, Fotolia