What are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

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In Episode 206 of Mother Earth News and Friends, we’ll be talking with William Padilla-Brown, CEO and founder of MycoSymbiotics, on the work he’s doing to explore cordyceps, and discussing some questions and misconceptions about cordyceps along the way. But what are cordyceps, and what are cordyceps good for? For many of us, our knowledge of cordyceps — a category of fungi that includes hundreds of species — may be limited to video games or shows, where this fungi is the source of brain-altering apocalypses. And though it is parasitic to other insects and fungi, don’t worry, it doesn’t actually pose a threat to humans. In fact, cordyceps can be fascinating and helpful species! Learn what cordyceps are good for, how to grow them, how to forage for them in the wild, and more!

We want to remind listeners to always exercise caution when foraging and introducing new medicinal plants and fungi into your routine. Do your research, consult and learn from fungi experts, and talk with your healthcare providers.

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  • Updated on Jan 19, 2024
  • Originally Published on Oct 28, 2023
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