The Chicken Coop: A Home for Your Feathery Friends

Reader Contribution by Kellsey Trimble
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This is a list that makes it easy when choosing a chicken coop that is right for you and your feathered friends, whether they’re layers or meat chickens. If you own a coop on the list, leave a comment and let us know what you think. You can also choose from chicken breeds with our Pickin’ Chicken app. This app helps you choose a chicken breed based on size, egg color, meat/egg purpose, mothering ability and other traits you might be looking for.

Chicken Mobile Stagecoach

Garden Stagecoach


Constructed of treated wood and steel handles that raise the coop for maneuvering around the garden or yard. Dimensions are 3-by-6-foot and holds two to four chickens.

Green Garden Chicken

Little Cottage Unpainted Colonial Gable Chicken Coop


Constructed of plywood and tempered glass windows with screens. Dimensions are 72-by-64-by-86-inches and holds up to six chickens. This is also a walk-in coop which allows for easy egg collection.


Ware Chick-n-Hutch


Made from exterior-grade plywood with a toxic-free red stain finish. Dimensions are 42.5-by-28-by-39-inches and holds four to six chickens.

Advantek Tower Poultry Hutch


Constructed of insect- and rot-resistant fir wood. Dimensions are 42-by-42-by-47-inches and fits two to three chickens.

Clifton Coops Winscombe Chicken Coop with Optional Run

$190 – $589

Made from UV-resistant and non-porous material, this coop is predator proof. It comes in three different sizes 23-by-40-by-36-inches, 69-by-40-by-36-inches and 92-by-40-by-36-inches. The smallest holds up to four chickens, the medium holds four to six and the largest can hold up to 10.

ecoChoice Fontana Chicken Barn


Constructed from an eco-friendly ecoFLEX composite, this chicken hutch is non-toxic and anti-microbial. Dimensions are 55.12-by-29.1-by-29.3-inches and holds up to six hens.

Ware Premium Chick-n-Pen


Made of top-grade lumber and half-inch wire that will keep predators from getting in. Dimensions are 62.5-by-42.75-by-30.25-inches and good for a large number of chickens. This chicken run can also attach to other Premium chicken coops to provide extra room.

Boomer and George Cottage Chicken Coop


Constructed of fir wood with a weather-proof slate roof. Dimensions are 64-by-39.25-by-44.5-inches and keeps four to six chickens. 

Ware Premium Chick-n-Villa


Constructed of top grade lumber, waterproof shingle roof and galvanized wire. Dimensions are 69.5-by-34-by-50.25-inches. This is a larger coop and can hold several more hens.

Atlanta Chicken Coop


Constructed out of plywood and comes unfinished for you to paint as you like. Dimensions are 84-by-33-by-41-inches and is good for two to four chickens.

Berlin Chicken Coop


Made of plywood, this coop comes unfinished for you to paint or stain. Dimensions are 84-by-33-by-41-inches and holds two to four hens. 

Precision Old Red Barn Chicken Coop


This coop has a rain resistant roof liner and also features storage space under the roof. Dimensions are 53-by-78-by-51.5-inches and is good for four to six chickens.

Briar House Chicken Coop

$600 – $680

Constructed of cedar wood with tar paper covering the roof under cedar shingles. Dimensions are 31-by-46-inches and holds two to four hens.

Briar Chicken Tractor

$950 – $970

Made of quality timber, cedar shingles and painted with non-toxic, exterior latex. Dimensions are 112-by-70-by-46-inches and holds four to six hens. 

Little Cottage Barn Chicken Coop with Wheels


A portable coop made of plywood with a tempered glass window and screen. Dimensions are 4-by-6-feet and houses up to six chickens.

Mobile Chicken Coops

These coops can be moved either by hand or hooking them up to an ATV or small tractor. They can also be kept mobile or made stationary. Dimensions for each and the number of chickens they hold accompany the photos.

Grower pen: $550

4-by-8-by-2-feet; 10 to 30 chickens less than 15 weeks old

Small mobile coop: $595

3-by-6-by-3.5-feet; four to five chickens

Medium mobile coop: $750

4-by-8-by-4.5-feet; six to eight chickens

Large mobile coop: $895

4-by-8-by-6.5-feet; eight to 10 chickens

Mega mobile coop: $1,595

6-by-10-by-7-feet; 14 to 20 chickens

Purely Poultry

Snap Lock Chicken Coop 


Made from double-walled, UV resistant polyethylene plastic. Dimensions are 42-by-39-by-29-inches and holds four large fowl chickens or five to six small bantam chickens.

Amherst Chicken Coop


Choose from either pine board with a green metal roof or Duratemp plywood with asphalt shingles. Dimensions are 5-by-6-foot with 24-square-feet of floor space and holds 12 to 15 chickens.

Quail Manufacturing

Chicken Tractor

Egg Cart’n: $1,329 (includes feeder, watering bucket and hanging brackets)

Egg Cart’n Mini: $799

Both chicken coops are made from aluminum and will not warp or rust. The Egg Cart’n is 4-by-6-foot and holds eight to 10 hens. The Egg Cart’n Mini is 3-by-4-foot and holds four to five hens.

Well Kept Chicken

The Rainbow Arch Chicken Coop 

Build-a-Kit: $995

Assembled Coop: $1,595

Dimensions are 46-by-47-by-42- inches and holds up to six chickens. The coop shown has the optional playground attached.

The Chalet Chicken Coop 

Build-a-Kit: $1,195

Assembled Coop: $1,895

Dimensions are 46-by-47-by-42-inches and holds up to six chickens.

The Gothic Arch Chicken Coop

Build-a-Kit: $1,195

Pre Assembled: $1,895

This coop’s dimensions are 46-by-47-by-42- inches and holds up to six hens. The chicken coop shown has the optional playground attached.


Chicken Coop Run Frame Extender


Made from solid pine and galvanized steel mesh. Dimensions are 50-by-37-by-62-inches. This run doesn’t attach directly to chicken coops but provides safe roaming space for your chickens.

Chicube Chicken Coop


Made of waterproof plastic materials and insulated composite panels to keep chickens warm. Dimensions are 27.5-by-27.5-by-29-inches and holds two hens. 

Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run

$600 – $1,450

Constructed of pine and exterior-grade plywood with a cedar shingle roof. Coop dimensions are 44-by-52-by-67-inches and holds up to six hens. The detachable run comes separately and dimensions are 50-by-72-by-62-inches.

Ballard Chicken Coop


Made of western red cedar, a solid pine frame and a galvanized sheet-metal roof. Dimensions are 8-by-4-by-4-foot and holds up to four chickens.

Belltown Chicken Coop


Made of western red cedar, a solid pine frame and a galvanized sheet-metal roof. This option is hand finished with a semitransparent water-based stain and wheels. Dimensions are 8-by-4-by-4-foot and holds up to four chickens.