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We at MOTHER EARTH NEWS are proud to share our app for your smartphone or tablet. Check back often for our new releases! For technical assistance or questions please e-mail customer service or call 1-800-234-3368.

Digital Editions

Did you know that you can access full issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS in a digital format? Purchase an issue or a special issue through our app. Navigate to our magazine, podcasts, and website right in the app! Visit our subscription page to learn more about pricing and bundle options. Our digital issues have slick interactivity built right in, so you can connect to related materials online as you read and share your favorite content and photos with your friends. We’re able to deliver our premier content to your mobile devices through our partnership with MAZ.

Please feel free to contact MOTHER EARTH NEWS with your questions and concerns regarding our smartphone and tablet apps. Visit our App Support page for more information.

Need Help? Call 1-800-234-3368