The ABCs of Homesteading: E is for 'Edible Landscaping'

| 6/14/2016 1:43:00 PM

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Homesteading is not just a set of unrelated activities. It is a sustainable system comprised of interrelated activities. Like homesteading, this ABCs of homesteading blog series is not just a set of alphabetized posts relating to homesteading, but rather a recommended order of activities to help new homesteaders get effective results.

We started with ABC – asceticism, borrowing, and creativity – as our kick-off to make time for homesteading and establish a mind set for success. Then we went for the kill - literally - with D is for Ducks. Raising ducks makes sense from a skill building and food supply perspective, but they are also an important addition to your homestead for our next installment – E is for Edible Landscaping.

Edible Landscape

Starting an Edible Landscape

When we think of planning an edible landscape, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing food for us: Apples, Berries, Cherries – as in the ABCs of delicious fruits. But that's like trying to grow a steak without thinking about the cow, the grass it eats, or the seeds and soil that grow the grass.

If your goal is to develop a sustainable homestead food supply with minimal need for external purchases, then you need to start further down the food chain by making your landscape edible for soil inhabitants, beneficial insects, and homestead livestock.

6/17/2016 1:09:30 PM

Fantastic article! It's great to remember to keep in mind the "big" picture in regards to our landscapes and gardens. Also, ducks make the sweetest, best pets (grew up with them as a child). This helpful reminder of their benefits in the garden might help me convince my husband that we really DO need some ;-)

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