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Power of Poultry Institute

Did you miss our Power of Poultry Institute in Asheville, N.C.? Don't worry! We recorded the workshops and they can be viewed any time you want. For just 14.99 (80% off the cost to attend in person!) you can watch the following presentations for 30 days:

Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, and Chickens, Oh My! (Choosing a Species) - Jeannette Beranger

Management of Laying & Breeding Flock - Jeannette Beranger

Bird Health & Behavior - Charlene Couch

Infrastructure & Predator Proofing - Joe Putnam

Bird Handling & Evaluation - Jeannette Beranger

Incubation (Equipment, Pre-incubate Eggs for Candling)/ Necropsy Evaluation/ Toe Punching for Tracking - Pascale Pearce

Brooding & Educating Chicks - Patricia Foreman

Nutrition - Kevin Fletcher & Jillian Lowery

Register for the webcast now for only 14.99 for 30 days of access! And be sure to check out our Asheville FAIR webcast!

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