Perfect Chook Nook

A plastic storage container makes a fine fortress for your laying hens.

| October/November 2011

I use plastic storage containers for chicken nest boxes. They cost about $4 and are durable and easy to clean.

The 10-gallon size fits one hen comfortably, but I’ve seen two squeeze in together. Placing the boxes upside down makes them more stable.

Amy Barnes
Carthage, Indiana

Jan Wagner
11/16/2011 1:31:21 AM

Old hooded cat litter boxes work well, too. They really don't seem to be too particular about what they nest in, but I did finally build a "nesting complex" of 4 nests out of old plywood and 1" x 2" scraps. The 1"x2" is across the front of the nests (to help hold in the nesting material, which can be old hay that nobody wants to feed to livestock) and another 1"x2" for a bit of a roost, running along the front, about 4" out from the nests. I also sloped the roof so that they wouldn't roost there. Makes things a little cleaner in the nest area.

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