New School Teaches Heirloom Poultry Production, Marketing, Breeding and More

Reader Contribution by Hannah Kincaid
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The Sustainable Poultry Network encourages the preservation of traditional, heirloom poultry breeds by hosting a multitude of educational poultry workshops and seminars across the United States. We are excited to learn that the network has teamed up with Western Piedmont Community College of Morganton, N.C., to promote the development of heritage poultry farming and create the American School for Sustainable Poultry Husbandry. This new duo of poultry prestige is a great fit: The community college has an impressive sustainable farming program and the Poultry Network provides priceless information on raising, breeding and preserving heritage poultry breeds.

The new American School for Sustainable Poultry Husbandry will be hosting a comprehensive five-day workshop Feb. 11-15, 2013 at Western Piedmont Community College. For $600, the workshop includes more than 40 hours of instruction with the nation’s top poultry specialists, four lunches and a complete training manual. The workshop is for anyone interested in raising, breeding, hatching, marketing, cooking, exhibiting and preserving standard bred poultry. No egg will be left unturned: Workshop topics cover learning how to identify domestic breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, the art of incubation (naturally and artificially) and how to collect and store eggs. Additional subjects include poultry diseases, bio-security, the economics of poultry production and marketing, basic breeding principles and the understanding of genetics.

We’re excited to see that the Sustainable Poultry Network and Western Piedmont Community College have combined forces. For more information about upcoming poultry workshops and seminars visit the Sustainable Poultry Network’s website.