Giveaway Winner Thrilled to Raise Heritage Chickens

Reader Contribution by Emily Glover
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The Posala family had more than one reason to be excited about returning to the United States after spending several years stationed at a military base in Japan. Three weeks after returning home to North Carolina, the family received a flock of rarely bred chicks, courtesy of a Heritage Chicken Starter Kit Giveaway sponsored by MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Last spring, MOTHER EARTH NEWS teamed up with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) and Tractor Supply Company to award one family with the necessary tools to raise a flock of heritage chickens. Nancy Posala entered the sweepstakes while her family was still in Japan, but the family of six made it back in time for the chicks to be delivered.

When Ryan Walker, membership services manager for ALBC, showed up to deliver the supplies to the family’s rural home, he was immediately greeted by three cheery little girls. They were so eager to see their new pets that Walker opened the box with the chicks in the front yard. The girls excitedly carried the box into their home and officially presented the chicks to their parents.

While the girls, joined by their younger brother, debated names for the chicks, Nancy explained she was happy to have all-natural insect catchers around.

After getting the chicks settled in their temporary indoor home, Walker presented the family with an array of books and guides on raising heritage chickens. The family also received a $500 Tractor Supply Company gift card to help them purchase new supplies.

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