Grandma’s Fresh Herb Seasoning Recipes

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Photo by Fotolia/Magdalena Kucova
Try grandma's Fresh Herb Seasoning Recipes to liven up your food.

Enjoy these Herb Seasoning Recipes to season your dishes, straight from grandma’s kitchen.

Grandma’s Favorite Herb Seasoning Recipes

Mix chives and crushed garlic in soft butter and use in vegetables or spread on hot muffins or bread. Or, mix up a variety of herbs (a pinch of each is more than enough), stir into soft butter and use the same way.

Knead small pinches of thyme or marjoram in any bread recipe for a good old fashioned flavor.

When you’re cooking up a batch of beans, season with a pinch of summer savory during the last five minutes of cooking.

Sprinkle some caraway seed in your next sauerkraut dish.

For a breakfast that’ll make you grin, beat some chives and a small amount of tarragon into scrambled eggs, or sprinkle some mint sugar over fresh grapefruit.

Pour hot white vinegar over tarragon and garlic; cover and let steep for two weeks. You can’t buy a salad dressing like that at any store!

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