Dear MOTHER: October/November 2012

Reader letters about energy efficient cars, genetically modified foods, putting food by, pioneering in passive solar, mosquito repellent plants and more.

| October/November 2012

Eyes Open

Thank you for your ever informative magazine, especially the article on Monsanto’s role in the acquisition of so many companies, as well as the laws that apply to “natural” and “organic” foods and feeds (The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods, April/May 2012).

It saddens me to see our food industry so tainted. You are doing us all a great favor. Your reporters investigating Monsanto and Big Ag make a difference!

Alicia Broz 
Winfield, Missouri

What About Diesel?

I read the best green cars article (Guide to Green Cars, Summer 2012) and was curious why there weren’t any diesel trucks listed?

Josh Barry 
Redondo Beach, California 

Our annual Best Green Cars list is focused on the greenest, most energy-efficient cars that meet the needs of the most people. A diesel car (the Volkswagen Passat TDI) did make our 2012 list, and modern “clean” diesel engines certainly are renowned for their great fuel economy and longevity (see The Longevity of Diesel Engines). That said, we recognize that a truck is the most practical vehicle for the needs of some farmers and homesteaders. You can learn much more about clean diesel at Clean Diesel: A New Era of Green Cars, and find details on 2012 diesel cars and trucks on this chart for 2012 Clean Diesel Cars, Trucks and SUVs. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS 

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