Dear MOTHER: June/July 2012

Reader letters about apartment living, urban homesteading, raising rabbits, sustainable investing, homestead advice, building with SIPs, wild meat, global warming, sustainable families and hope for the future.

| June/July 2012

Urban Homesteading Also Applicable to Apartment Living

I was planning not to renew my subscription because I live in an apartment and it is impossible for me to raise livestock, build outbuildings or install solar panels. But your last issue (April/May 2012) was so interesting and full of inspiration that I changed my mind and will renew my subscription. Many thanks for your fine publication.

Elizabeth Anne Middleton
Santa Barbara, California

Very glad you are staying with us, Elizabeth. We do our best to make MOTHER EARTH NEWS valuable to readers living in the city as well as those who live in the country. We’re sending you copies of The Urban Homestead, by Kelly Coyne and Eric Knutzen, and Urban Homesteading, by Rachel Kaplan with Ruby Blume. We think you’ll really enjoy both books! — MOTHER EARTH NEWS 

Losing Stock in Monsanto

I just finished reading the article The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods (April/May 2012), and I have been following closely the movement to label our foods. But what really hit home for me was the fact that most of the mutual funds in my 401(k) contain, in one form or another, Monsanto stocks or companies directly owned or controlled by Monsanto. I thought I was being responsible and saving for my future, when in reality, I’m contributing money to companies I would never knowingly support.

I would love to see MOTHER EARTH NEWS do an article covering responsible investment options and post a list of mutual funds and companies that are more in line with the “MOTHER base.”

Barb Case
Monroe, North Carolina

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