Dear MOTHER: April/May 2012

Reader letters about the Nissan Leaf, population control, smaller houses, real milk, nuclear waste, local meat, private burials, bison, wild meat and more.

| April/May 2012

Potential Population Growth

Thank you for your courage in publishing some insights on the problem of world population (Unplugging Our Economic Ponzi Scheme, December 2011/January 2012).

The response to the subject of world population control is frequently negative, but the subject must be addressed. The resources of the Earth are finite, but the potential growth of our population is infinite. When a finite entity competes with an infinite entity, the finite side will always lose.

Bryan Welch’s article began with an appropriate and timely quote from Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric Co.: “Change before you have to.”

Merlyn Duerksen
Hayden, Idaho

A Superb New Car

Last summer, I was invited to a showing of the Nissan Leaf electric car in Boston. My wife and another couple came along. We have extensive experience and training with cars, and we went with a jaundiced eye.

As over-the-hill gearheads, we have simple needs: dependable commuter cars for the metro Boston area. The reality was better than our wildest hopes. The Leaf is superb. It is well thought-out and ready for market. The fit and finish are comparable to those of a luxury car. Interior space is generous, with room for five adults.

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