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Buying a Green Car
The old adage to ‘Know Thyself’ holds true in the quest for fuel-efficient cars. Here’s how to figure out just what you need.

Comparing Green Car Technology Options
There are more energy-efficient powertrains than ever — hybrid, all-electric, plug-in hybrid, clean diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and more. Which will become your new ride?

Living With a Prius Plug-In Hybrid
If you can recharge your cell phone, you can recharge the Toyota Prius Plug-in. We find it stylish, thrifty and so quiet we can sneak up on sheep.

All About Hybrid Cars
Hybrids are becoming the new normal, with safety, high mileage and technology that’s tested and true.

All About Electric Cars: A Plug-In Primer
Discover the past, present and future of electric cars, including what’s available now, what’s coming, and what a blast they are to drive.

Clean Diesel: A New Era of Green Cars
Already sought after for their superior durability and fuel economy, diesel vehicles now meet the same strict emissions standards as gasoline vehicles.

Fuel From Plants! The Basics of Biofuels
Learn more about the different types of biofuels, from the ethanol you’re already using to biodiesel from algae and other fuels of the future.

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The Green Car Payback Question
Super-fuel-efficient, durable and long-lasting, hybrid and electric cars will save you a bundle on fuel. Here’s how to estimate when you’ll recoup their initial cost.

New Fuel Economy Labels: What You Need to Know
Compare differences in fuel efficiency with the new fuel economy labels.

Why Electric Cars Are Cleaner
Critics say electric cars just have “longer tailpipes,” but in fact these vehicles produce less overall pollution than most other cars.

The Truth About Electric Car Safety
If you’ve been holding off on buying that nifty electric car because you’re worried about its safety, think again.

How to Calculate Gas Mileage
If you want to save money on gas, the best first step is to keep tabs on your vehicle’s mpg.

How to Get Better Gas Mileage
You don’t have to buy a new ride to save money on gasoline. Learn how to get better gas mileage from your current car with these 12 techniques. 

Real-World Green Car Reports
Our readers love their green rides!