Sewing Knife-Edge Pillows

Throw a splash of color into your home by making unique, inexpensive, knife-edge pillows to compliment your existing décor.

| February 28, 2014

Spruce (Storey Publishing, 2013) may well be the only resource you need to upholster and refurbish your furniture. From the start of the project to its finish, Amanda Brown lends her expertise with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photographs. Use this excerpt for clear instructions on sewing knife-edge pillows.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Spruce.

Sewing Knife-Edge Pillows

Pillows soften a room and invite guests to lounge a little longer. They make a stern sofa inviting and an impersonal room lived in and real. Pillows offer a way for guests to customize their seating and make furniture flexible. A comfortable sofa for a person of average height may be too deep for someone of diminutive stature, unless they have pillows to shorten the seat. The arm of a sofa becomes the head of a bed, and a wooden coffee table becomes a plush footrest. Guests can even find comfort on the floor with the support of a throw pillow.

How Many?
Where is the happy medium between having enough and overdoing it? I hear customers say, “The throw pillows on my bed always wind up on the floor.” I am assuming this is not because the customer sleeps on the floor, but because the pillows are in the way and get tossed to the floor. If the pillows don’t enhance the comfort of a piece of furniture, think twice about adding them. If there’s not enough room for you, your guests, and your throw pillows, scale back. Although I’m an advocate of odd numbers, if three pillows as opposed to two would change a three-seater into a two-seater, go even. And leave a space available here and there to encourage a change-up. Who says the sofa pillows are bound to the sofa? Switch the arrangement and invite neighboring pieces to communicate.

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