How to Make a Wire Tree on a Rock

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by Adobestock/Studio_Loona

With a few snipped bits of wire and twists of the pliers, learn how to make a wire tree on a rock for your next wire craft project with wire tree instructions.

Anyone can partake in the fun wire craft project of fashioning wire trees. Handcrafting lovely trees from bits of scrap wire can be a relaxing, fascinating, and potentially profitable hobby. The little sculptures offer an opportunity for the artist to express his or her love for (and appreciation of) the largest of all plants, and even to faithfully mirror the intricate branch patterns that denote specific varieties of trees, the ravages of mountainside winds, or the gnarled stubbornness of age. Furthermore, though the tiny creations fit beautifully into complete miniature scenes, they can also stand alone — perched on a hunk of driftwood or wrapped around an attractive stone — as pieces of decorative artwork!

I’ve found that the craft intrigues children (including my son Tommy) as well as adults. And — because uncomplicated versions of the wire trees are rather easy to make — the hobby can be used to keep the young ones busy when foul weather forces them to stay indoors, and often underfoot.

Wire Trees: A Nature Study

Whiling away a little time working with wire can, however, be much more than a child’s rainy-day activity. Complicated wire tree sculptures that accurately depict living trees require a good understanding of arboreal structure and are usually created by patient, sensitive adult hands. Such finely crafted items make especially pleasing gifts, and can be marketed in stores for handsome prices. (I’ve seen one 12 inches tall sell for about $75 )

  • Updated on Nov 11, 2022
  • Originally Published on Nov 1, 1980
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