Growing Hand-Made Wheat and Hand-Made Kids

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Of my five children, Jacob is the one who shows a deep-down interest in agriculture. He’s 11 right now, and happily takes exclusive care of our flock of laying hens. He also carefully watches the herd of beef cattle pasturing at our place, and is quick to help in the garden. Last spring he started asking about grain: Where does it come from? What kind of plant does it grow on? What does grain look like? What better way to answer all these questions than to grow a little wheat the old fashioned way. Here’s how we did it last year, and what we learned. You’ve still got time to plant some wheat of your own, too.

After tilling about 600 sq. ft. of our garden,I handed Jake a bag of hard red spring wheat seed and showed him how to use our hand-crank seeder. It didn’t take long for the patch to turn green. “Wheat sure grows strong, doesn’t it dad!” The only thing more thrilling than seeing the vigor of young grain growing is to see a young person experience that thrill for the first time.

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