Fleece Scarf Pattern with Pom-Poms

Beat the chilly breeze with this soft and warm fleece scarf pattern. Make it your own with some bright and groovy pom-poms.

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Learn how to make gifts for family, friends and pets with Annabel Wrigley’s easy-to-follow instructions in We Love to Sew Gifts (Fun Stitch Studio, 2015). From sewing machine basics to embellishments, buttons, and pom-poms, you can learn to make charming gifts to wear, use, and display. The following fleece scarf pattern is from “Gifts to Wear.”

What Do I Need?

• 1/2 yard of lovely fleece or wool fabric (at least 50 inches wide)
• 3 balls of yarn in fun colors
• Coordinating sewing thread
• 4 pieces of cardboard 5 x 5 inches (You can cut up a cardboard box.)
• Basic sewing supplies

Prepare the Pieces

Cut 2 pieces of scarf fabric to measure 8 x 50 inches.

The Fleece Scarf

1. Place the 2 scarf pieces right sides together and pin all the way around.

pink and red striped fabric pinned around all edges

2. Mark a 5-inch-long no-sew zone near the center of a long edge of the scarf. This is the area that we do not want to sew.

ruler laying on pinned pink and red fabric

3. Sew all the way around the edge of the presser foot on the edge of the fabric. Be sure to leave the no-sew zone open.

pink and red fabric being sewn on a sewing machine

4. Trim the corners just outside the seamline. Don’t snip the stitching!

person trimming the corners off of red and pink fabric with scissors

5. Turn the scarf right side out and iron it nice and flat.

sewn red and pink striped fabric turned partially inside out

6. Pin the hole closed, making sure that you have folded the raw edges in, so everything stays nice and neat.

pins on the end of pink and red striped fabric

7. Use a whipstitch to sew the hole closed.

needle and thread sewing red and pink fabric with a whip stitch

The Multicolored Pom-Poms

1. Cut anchor slits in the middle of opposite edges of each piece of cardboard. Cut toward the center, but be sure not to cut all the way through. You want an inch or so in between the slits.

two rectangles of white cardboard next to each other

2. Place the end of the yarn in an anchor slit and wrap the first yarn color around the cardboard (50 times for thinner yarn or 30 times for fatter yarn).

person wrapping pink yarn around cardboard

3. Wrap the second color (75 times for thinners or 50 times for fatter).

person wrapping white yarn around pink yarn on cardboard

Note: Every time you wrap a new color, make sure that it completely covers the last area of wrapping and each layer can spread out about 1 inch past the previous layer.

4. Wrap the third color (50 times for thinner or 30 times for fatter).

person wrapping blue yarn around cardboard

5. Cut a 10-inch piece of yarn and wrap it through the slits and around the yarn bundle and tie a double knot.

person tying a string of yarn around the middle of yarn wrapped around cardboard

6. Tear away the cardboard carefully.

person tearing cardboard wrapped in blue yarn

7. Tie another yarn knot on top of the previous knot, except this time try to tie it even tighter. It may help to have a friend’s finger hold down the knot!

person tying yarn around a wrapped ball of yarn

8. Use small sharp scissors to cut through the pom-pom loops.

person using scissors to cut in to a wound ball of yarn

9. Give the pom-pom a haircut by evenly trimming the pom-pom down.

person trimming yarn pom pom with scissors

10. Use the other cardboard pieces and repeat Steps 2-9 to make a total of 4 pom-poms.

11. Sew a pom-pom to each corner of the scarf with thread. Make sure to pass the needle through the center of the pom-pom a few times and then finish off with a knot.

person sewing a blue red and white pom pom to the corner of red and pink fabric
young girl wearing pink and red scarf with pom poms on the ends

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Reprinted with permission from We Love to Sew Gifts: Fun Stuff for Kids to Stitch and Share by Annabel Wrigley and published by C & T Publishing, 2015.