Fleece Scarf Pattern with Pom-Poms

Beat the chilly breeze with this soft and warm fleece scarf pattern. Make it your own with some bright and groovy pom-poms.

July 2015

By Annabel Wrigley

We Love to Sew Gifts

Learn how to make gifts for family, friends and pets with Annabel Wrigley’s easy-to-follow instructions in We Love to Sew Gifts (Fun Stitch Studio, 2015). From sewing machine basics to embellishments, buttons, and pom-poms, you can learn to make charming gifts to wear, use, and display. The following fleece scarf pattern is from "Gifts to Wear."

What Do I Need?

• 1/2 yard of lovely fleece or wool fabric (at least 50 inches wide)
• 3 balls of yarn in fun colors
• Coordinating sewing thread
• 4 pieces of cardboard 5 x 5 inches (You can cut up a cardboard box.)
• Basic sewing supplies