John Rockhold, Former Managing Editor

John Rockhold joined the MOTHER EARTH NEWS team in 2002 and left to take on new opportunities in 2012. Today he’s one of the magazine's Green Transportation contributing editors. 

John RockholdHe has written or edited dozens of articles on numerous green transportation topics — including gasoline-electric hybrids, electric cars, clean diesel vehicles — and how to maximize gas mileage. In early 2012, Rockhold led the team that produced the first-ever Mother Earth News Guide to Green Cars. His dream car garage is evolving, but for now he's proud of his 2001 Honda Civic, which gets 30 to 35 mpg after more than 190,000 miles.

John is also proud to call Kansas home (don’t believe the stereotypes you hear) and grew up with a mixture of country (his grandmother’s cattle farm in rural southeastern Kansas) and city life (Kansas City, Kan.). A lifelong Jayhawk, he graduated from the University of Kansas in English and Magazine Journalism.

John’s other areas of special interest at work include nature and wildlife (especially wolves) and energy independence via renewable energy.

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Green Transportation Highlights 

Wood Gas Wizard
Would you believe wood chunks can power a truck? Take a ride with Wayne Keith, who uses wood gas to fuel everything from daily driving to heavy-duty farm work to breaking speed records.

Why Electric Cars Are Cleaner
Critics say electric cars just have “longer tailpipes,” but in fact these vehicles produce less overall pollution than most other cars.

MAX, the in-progress 100-mpg DIY car:
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The Truth About Electric Car Safety
If you’ve been holding off on buying that nifty electric car because you’re worried about its safety, think again.

How to Calculate Gas Mileage
Learn how to calculate gas mileage and take the first step to saving money on gasoline. Don’t worry, the math is easier than you might think.

Tire Pressure: Use a Digital Gauge and Get Better Gas Mileage
Digital tire pressure gauges are the best way to check tire pressure, which can improve your mpg.

Why We Need Electric Cars
It’s time for a transportation transformation.

Nature Article Highlights 

Keystone Species: How Predators Create Abundance and Stability 
Wolves, bears, otters, starfish — these ecosystem engineers affect nature in overt yet surprisingly subtle ways.

This Land Is Your Land: Why National Parks Matter
Our national parks are public treasures that provide more than a window to our past or a means to preserve the natural bounty within them. They’re some of the most beautiful places on Earth, where you can rekindle your sense of awe and adventure.

Why We Need Wilderness 
During a nearly 60-year career, Pulitzer-Prize winner Wallace Stegner, known as the Dean of Western Writers, wrote eloquently about the value of wild places.

When Squirrels Fly 
From its aerodynamics to its eco-dynamics, the flying squirrel is a biological marvel.

Raptors, the Sky Masters 
Eagles, hawks and falcons: From their awesome aeronautics to their precise predatory instincts, these birds are the pinnacle of flight.

Brain Birds: Amazing Crows and Ravens 
No matter where you live, they’re your neighbors. You might want to watch them — carefully.

Barn Owl Magic 
Beautiful and mysterious, barn owls also are prolific predators of rodents.

A Wealth of Salamanders 
No other place on Earth is as rich in these amazing creatures as North America.

Fireflies: The Twinkle in Nature's Eye  
Fireflies bring magic to warm summer evenings.

Secrets of Watching Wildlife
Expert advice to help you blend in and observe nature firsthand.

Photo by Matthew T. Stallbaumer