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Jim Adkins, Sustainable Poultry Expert

Name: Jim Adkins

Occupation: Sustainable Poultry Specialist

Place of Residence: Old Fort, North Carolina

Background and Personal History: Jim Adkins started his poultry interest as a young man who grew up in 4-H, raising and exhibiting poultry in southwest Washington State. For the past thirty years, Jim has raised over fifty breeds and varieties of standard-bred poultry (including chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys). In 1994, he received his poultry judging license from the American Poultry Association which has taken him to over 30 states, Canada, and Australia to judge standard-bred poultry. He is a passionate, effective communicator who loves poultry and loves to teach people about the available opportunities with poultry.

Current Projects:  Most of Jim’s time is currently spent developing the Sustainable Poultry Network. It is growing like crazy! He isdoing a lot of writing concerning poultry subjects and writing a few books.

Other Fun Facts: Jim has some very cool opportunities opening up in Africa and around the world to teach internationally about sustainable poultry. He also loves the Green Bay Packers!

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